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Build upon a solid foundation of knowledge and proven principles for success in your open water swimming program. More on this…
The Pyramid of Open Water Success
Competitive open water swimmers should learn how to deal with each possible scenario that can present itself during an open water race. John Wooden, the legendary UCLA basketball coach, was a great educator who created one of the most profound definitions of success: the Pyramid of Success. Coach Wooden’s Pyramid of Success includes 15 blocks, from industriousness to enthusiasm. Based on Coach Wooden’s Pyramid of Success, the Pyramid of Open Water Success describes the optimal training regimen for a successful open water swimmer, whether the athlete is aiming to do a ½-mile lake swim for the first time, cross the English Channel or win the Olympic Marathon Swim 10km.Open Water Source is preased to present the Pyramid of Open Water Success as an essential component of the Coaches Education Program.